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Adult Diapers: Our Types of Briefs

We are proud to offer the finest in Adult Diapers with our line of Tape-On Adult Briefs. Our three brief product categories offer features more advanced and state-of-the-art when compared to other major brands. Our briefs range from moderate to superior protection and allow you the mobility, comfort and security to live freely.

Once you try our briefs, you will never want to go back to another brand!

Our most absorbent product is the TotalDry X-Plus Adult Brief, a tape-on brief that features the most absorbency and features of any of our products. It is built for longer-lasting usage and for superior 24-hour protection. This is our most popular, flagship adult diaper and since its launch in 2006, has made tens of thousands of people feel secure, dry and comfortable.

Our NEW TotalDry Overnight Adult Brief offers complete overnight protection and features a new, silky smooth 3D nonwoven and enhanced fluff in the wings for side sleepers. This brief outperforms the market leading Tranquility ATN!

Our TotalDry Plus Protection Adult Brief is a tape-on, moderate absorbency diaper but with high quality features usually found only on premium diapers, providing outstanding performance at a cost saving price. TotalDry Plus Protection Briefs feature a printed, reinforced frontal landing zone for refastening without tearing the diaper shell, allowing readjustment for optimum comfort and containment not found on any other moderate diaper.

All of our Fitted Briefs come standard with the following features:

- Refasteable Tape Tabs - Gentle Elastic Gatherers

- New Frontal Tape Zones - Waterproof Outer Layer

-Soft, Comfortable Lining - Ultra Absorbent Inner Layers

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