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The what and how of incontinence protection

At our mission is to ensure the comfort and care of each of our customers. For your benefit we have written some information on the adult diaper market and the product itself. After you understand the condition of incontinence it will be possible for you to feel comfortable enough to buy adult incontinence products. For these reasons we are providing you with this information and hopefully you will realize you are not alone in being concerned about your incontinence. For the past 50 years the diaper industry has been growing and developing to create the most comfortable and most absorbent diaper. Until recently the use of diapers was reserved for infant use; however over the past 20 years the use of adult diapers has become much more prominent and socially acceptable. In the 1990's the diaper industry truly progressed as standing leg cuffs and refastenable elastic tapes were introduced into the infant diaper market. Secure has incorporated all of these new technologies into our adult incontinence products and offers even more. Our "Secure" brand of adult diapers brings you the comfort, protection and satisfaction that should be offered to people with incontinence as a condition.

The Secure Line

Currently in the United States over 19 million people have some form of incontinence, with about 85% of them being women. Incontinence is a common condition that can sometimes be cured by medication or surgery; however for those who don't want to undergo intrusive procedures there is the Secure TM line of adult incontinence products. offers the highest quality of adult briefs, protective underwear, pads, liners, underpads, beltless undergarments, and belted undergarments for your incontinence protection. is dedicated to bringing you these high quality adult incontinence products in order to make you more comfortable living with incontinence as a condition. Our diapers have the SecureLoc TM technology incorporated into each one of our products, allowing maximum protection, absorption, and odor reduction.

Diaper Functionality

Because incontinence levels vary from person to person the diaper industry has created different diapers to handle different levels of incontinence, ranging from light to severe. Diapers in the past used tissues or a wood pulp to absorb the urine the body releases. Modern day diapers use a combination of polymers called superabsorbent, acrylic acid-based polymers (SAP) to absorb urine and wick the fluid away from the body. The introduction of SAP to diapers in 1986 is the single greatest technical advancement in the industry. Dry polymers can look like table salt or small beads however when they get wet these polymers can hold up to 1200 times their mass in fluid and feel more gel like. The SecureLoc TM inner core of our Secure TM brand products is comprised of these polymers and pulp, and is of the highest quality available in the market. The SecureLoc TM inner core reduces the amount of acidity in the urine thus destroying the odor producing bacteria, and making the diaper smell fresh.

Social Stigma

Many people who are incontinent feel the social stigma that western society has attached to the loss of bladder control. Many stay at home, limit their travel, and curtail activities that used to be enjoyable to them because of the symptoms that occur with incontinence. Their lives may become very limited if they allow incontinence to control the way they live. This is so unfortunate. Many people who are incontinent also feel self conscious when purchasing their incontinence products. Ordering online is a great alternative as it can be done in complete privacy. For this reason we ship all of our products discreetly to your doorstep.

Diaper Rash

Many incontinent people who wear adult diapers are concerned about the possibility of diaper rash. There are a few ways to avoid this becoming a problem. The best protection from diaper rash is to prevent it from ever occurring. Diaper rash is generally caused by prolonged contact with acidic urine and fecal matter. Users should make sure the diaper fits correctly and should change it when it becomes wet in order to prevent skin irritation and deterioration. This is where disposables have a great advantage over cloth and many people choose disposable diapers over cloth diapers. Cloth diapers do not breathe very well and must be changed immediately after wetting. The disposable diapers that Secure TM offers are much more absorbent thus preventing the urine from being trapped against the skin.

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